We are so happy to announce the re-opening of our salon on May 16, 2020. We have a limited number of full-time technicians returning so it will be on a first come first serve basis which already seems busy based on current phone messages and responses we have received.

Contact us if you wonder if your technician is returning under the first wave or what is being called Stage 2 from The Idaho State Government.

This has been a tough time for us all and we feel it is time to get back to doing what we love to do and that is to take care of our wonderful clients. In doing this there is going to be some strict guidelines we must follow to allow us to remain open that have come down from the Governor’s office. They are as follows: 

  1. We ask for the present time that the clients receiving service be the only individuals coming for the service so we can adhere to the government guidelines. We want to prevent the waiting area from taking up the total people allowed in the facility and us turning other services away.

  2. All clients entering the salon must be wearing a mask. If you arrive without a mask, we ask that you sanitize your hands and put one of our cotton masks on to be able to receive service. Any client refusing will not be allowed to have their service completed. We only have a limited number of masks so preferably you wear your personal one.

  3. Also, upon entering you will be tested for a fever with a digital thermometer. Our technicians will also be screened daily for fever to ensure they are healthy as well. If our technician shows sign of a fever or has any of the symptoms displayed under the Covid-19 guidelines they will not be allowed to work and hence we would be required to cancel their appointments for obvious reasons. If the client is showing any of the signs, we would ask that they cancel their appointment prior to arriving but if they arrive and have a fever, we would also be required to refuse service.

  4. Once you have been screened for fever, we ask you go to our sink located in the back-left area of the nail table room and wash your hands as well as sanitize. Once complete proceed to your appointment with your technician where they will work with you on color selection and any other items needing completed during your appointment. We ask the technician work with the colors not the client to make every effort to not spread any virus as the technician will be wearing gloves and should be able to limit the touching of polishes.

  5. Upon completion of your service we will ask the clients pay with the following options: Electronically with the following but not limited to just these - Samsung pay, google pay, apple pay, debit card, or credit card. No checks, as usual, for the present time, cash also will not be allowed.

  6. Upon completion of your service please by all means use our facility for restroom service and any minor needs you need to but for us to keep the minimum people allowed for social distancing purposes exit as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your cooperation and if you have any questions please call us at 208-345-6443 or reach out to us in an e-mail at amorenailstudio.com